On last night's episode of First Dates Ireland, maitre d' Mateo Saina welcomed a group of characters, all looking for love in love in the time of Corona, to the restaurant. One of the most notable of guests being Hughie Maughan, who many will recognise from Dancing with the Stars Ireland and Big Brother.

Known for his love of fake tan and reality TV, the Ballymun man was in search of a date having moved home from the UK last summer following his split from long-term boyfriend Ryan Ruckledge. Speaking to the cameras ahead of his date, the 26-year-old proclaimed himself to be a naturally positive person with a "fiery" personality. 

Hughie was matched with Paul, a 31-year old hair stylist originally from Glasgow. Having been single for eight years, the self-proclaimed "serial dater" told the cameras that he had no problem meeting people but that he was looking for a strong personality to match his own.

Unfortunately, despite the match makers best efforts, the big personalities had a habit of clashing rather than harmonising during their time in the restaurant. Hughie found Paul to be "rude" and less than friendly, while Paul was turned off by Hughie mentioning his ex boyfriend so soon into their meeting.

Unfortunately, things didn't get much better from there. 

Despite Hughie being one of the friendliest people in the restaurant and Paul's incredibly social career as a hair stylist, the conversation failed to flow between the two, with Paul describing his date as being "too much" and "too full on". 

The two joined Ray D'Arcy on RTÉ Radio 1 this afternoon to chat about their "car crash" of a date, and to say their strong personalities shone through is an understatement.

"How would I describe it? As a car crash, yeah, I'll go straight in," Paul told Ray. "People on Twitter were right. At the end of the day, I wasn't interested, I wasn't keen and it was clearly showing in my faces."

As for Hughie?

"I would describe it as definitely a car crash to watch," he agreed. "You need to remember that the date goes on for a long time and they condense it down so it probably looks more dramatic or whatever. I shoot from the hip, I'm very honest and I'm very open, but I'm also a nice enough person."

Hughie went on to say that, regardless of attraction, people should always make an effort to be kind to those they are on a date with. According to Maughan, his dinner with Paul was his first date since his break up with his ex and it wasn't the experience he had hoped for.

Discussing the date further, Ray did his best to delve into what went wrong on the date but the two were adamant that there was no interest on either side.

Following the unfortunate date, First Date fans rushed to Twitter to have their say on Hughie and Paul's meeting, check out their reactions below: