When he appeared on the Late Late Toy Show last November with his infectious smile and his virtual hug, 6-year-old Adam King became an instant sensation.

NASA wanted to talk to him. Astronaut Chris Hadfield wanted to talk to him. And Adam wanted to give everybody a virtual hug. Now, we discovered on Friday's Ryan Tubridy Show, Adam’s virtual hug is available to buy in the form of a card from SuperValu stores around the country, with the proceeds going to Cork University Hospital Charity and Temple Street.

The importance of that virtual hug to Adam was clear when Ryan asked him what the best thing was about being a Toy Show superstar: "Well, that everyone loved me on the Late Late Toy Show." 

And why do you think they loved you? Ryan asked. 

"Because of my virtual hug." 

That’s not the only reason, obviously, but Adam’s virtual hug is the reason we get to hear from him again, which is such a pleasure. Ryan asked Adam what he would tell an alien – during his travels in space – about the planet Earth.

"That the alien should go there and explore the Earth because when he gets there, it will be a new place for him." 

Adam told Ryan how he still wants to work as a Capcom in NASA’s Mission Control when he grows up. But by the sounds of things, the European Space Agency wants to woo Adam too: "I did get stuff from ESA. And they also sent me an ESA pencil and an ESA colouring book." 

Watch out NASA – the ESA might well be trying to steal your star pupil! What are we going to do, Ryan asked, when we meet? Adam’s instant reply: "Give a hug. Like, a real one." 

The time when we can switch from virtual to real hugs can’t come soon enough. You can hear Adam and his Dad, David, talking to Ryan by going here

And, if you missed it, or if you just want to watch it again, the Late Late Toy Show from November can be watched on the RTÉ Player here.

Adam’s limited-edition Virtual Hug cards are on sale from Friday 5 February at SuperValu and Centra stores nationwide, retailing at €3.95, with proceeds going to Cork University Hospital Charity and CHI Temple Street.