"Defend An Post at all costs", goes one Twitter reaction to the story that a letter addressed to a woman with "a rake of cats" was successfully delivered to her this week. 

In a country like Ireland, where "yer man" can refer to anyone and also that one specific person we all seem to know, An Post has certainly had to adapt to our special way of reaching out to one another. 

Dr. Claudia Maria Wagner got her own bit of mail magic when a letter addressed to a German woman with "a rake of cats near Garryvoe" found its way to her home near Ladysbridge, East Cork, as Cork's Echo Live reports. 

Claudia, who lives with her partner Colm and their many cats, including prize-winning Maine Coon Franklin – who also appeared with Claudia on RTÉ's show The Cat Hospital – received the postcard from a friend, with the letter taking a detour through the Portlaoise Mail Centre before reaching their door. 

"When I opened the mailbox that morning I thought somebody nearby had hand-delivered the card", she told Echo Live. 

"I was on RTÉ in 2019 talking about them and apart from all the cat stuff we get delivered here to the house, the postman must have known where to go."

Claudia's reputation as a cat lady is well-earned, as she breeds and shows Maine Coons, a stunning breed of cat notable for their full and wild coats and piercing eyes. 

The story has gone viral on Twitter, with Mike McGrath-Bryan tweeting "Defend An Post at all costs". An Post replied, saying "Thanks Mike that's a brilliant story and a lovely bit of mail magic Great when things work out like this although life would be easier with a proper postal address". 

The story also prompted others to share their stories of "mail magic", with one user writing: "I once sent a postcard from Nuevo Laredo in Mexico to a friend in Ireland addressed "Freddie, Claremorris, Co Mayo, Ireland" and it got to him. The funny thing is, his real name isn't Freddie."

Another user added "In the 1970's a letter from Canada got sent to Cairo Egypt. Someone wrote on it try Carlow Ireland".