Twitter has erupted in Fungie memes after the beloved Kerry-based dolphin and international celebrity was sighted this morning, after spending two days "missing". 

Locals had expressed concern that the marvelous mammal hadn't been seen since Wednesday, but a fisherman has said Kerry's famous dolphin followed his boat as he sailed out to Dingle Bay yesterday.

As a proud Dingle native and a source of enormous joy for locals and tourists alike, it's understandable that at the first chance that Fungie had gone missing – or worse, died – the nation descended into heartbroken worry. 

But the despair didn't need to last long, as the national treasure has been found safe and sound. As one Twitter user put it, "Thank god because I honestly wouldn't be able".

Naturally, we're celebrating en masse with memes because how else do you express joy these days?

Here are some of the best Twitter reactions to Fungie's return to Dingle harbour. 



Cherish your loved ones

Fungie to the rescue

Turn it off and back on again

Minister for the Marine

Just Irish things

Three mackerel

Ooh, spooky