The latest interior design picks from the RTÉ Guide.

Perfectly framed

If you're looking for an original gift idea, these frames from Memory Lane Frames are just the thing. It’s a Co Meath based company set up by Sadhbh Smith, a busy mother of three, almost two years ago.

She makes personalised gift frames for all occasions along with some prints, wooden keepsakes and personalised candles, and continues to expand her range. You can view her products at

We love
Judging by the lines we saw outside IKEA when it reopened, it’s safe to say that Irish people are big fans of the Swedish retailer. 

interior design
FROSET easy chair

This August, their new range is about making a creative restart. It can be about combining things in a fresh way and making rooms flexible and multifunctional.

IVAR cabinet with doors with grey mesh

The colour palette is neutral, with pastels thrown in for a twist. Patterns range from modern graphics to traditional florals.

gALjON pendant lamp 

Their long-standing IVAR storage system sees some additions to the range that include mesh cabinets and bamboo doors.

IVAR door 

The new collection also offers a super-comfortable sofa, a dining table and two lampshades designed in a modern and traditional style.

jATTELIK quilt cover and pillowcase
jATTELIK rug flatwoven 

Of course, there are also smaller accessories like pots, vases and cushion covers. 

PILLEMARK door mat indoor
RONNINgE extendable table 
VINDKAST pendant lamp
VINLIDEN 3-seat sofa