Oscar-nominated director Lenny Abrahamson is probably best known for his cinematic adaption of Emma Donohue's novel Room - a film that won Brie Larson the Oscar - and his debate-inducing adaptation of Sally Rooney's best-selling novel Normal People.

Today, however, he will simply be known as Muinteoir Lenny.

To celebrate Film Week on the RTÉ Home School Hub, Abrahamson will be speaking with Seamus (the loveable puppy puppet) about directing and film making.

Also in the mix this week, Cartoon Saloon will be giving a behind the scenes look at what jobs people do who work in an animation studio and what goes into creating animated film and TV series.

During Film Week, there will be four lessons across the week that deal with aspects of the film industry. Muinteoir Ray will look at critical thinking and writing movie reviews; John will be discussing music score and storyboarding; and Cliona will talk about Lotte Reiniger, a German director who was the foremost pioneer of silhouette animation

Plus Home School Hub will be showcasing loads of amazing films across the week from young filmmakers from both Físfilmproject.ie and the Fresh film festival.

Watch Home School Hub today from 11am on RTÉ2 and RTÉ Player.