Video calls are helping millions of families and groups of friends to stay connected right now – but with daily life deep in Groundhog Day mode for many of us, it’s easy to run out of things to talk about.

Switching it up with some good, old-fashioned organised challenges can boost the amusement factor – and give you all something to talk about that isn’t just what you had for lunch.

Want some new family video call challenges to try? Here are 10 ideas…

1. Games night
They usually descend into bickering and someone always cheats but that’s half the fun of a family games night – and being miles apart doesn’t have to mean play goes on pause. Depending on how tech-savvy your relatives are, there are loads of options for games to play on video platforms like Zoom, with online versions inspired by everything from Cards Against Humanity (a game for grown-ups with a particular sense of humour) to bingo doing the rounds.

If you want to keep the tech side as simple as possible, family favourites like charades and Pictionary work well – just use real pens and paper and hold your artworks up to the camera.

2. Family bake-off
It seems like the whole country has taken to making banana bread these days, so why not make a game out of it?

All families love a bit of healthy competitive fun, so why not set some bake-off challenges for your video calls? You can each show off your masterpieces (or mishaps) then enjoy a slice with a cuppa as you chat.

3. Quizzes
Continuing the competition theme (does sibling rivalry ever run out of steam?), quizzes are an easy way to inject some organised fun into those group catch-ups too. You could make it a weekly event, taking turns to be question master. There are loads of ready-made and interactive downloads online (try a trivia generator), or simply create your own. It’s good brain training for anyone missing work too.

4. Memory lane
A good trip down memory lane can be super soul-soothing and an easy way to have a good laugh. Why not use some of your calls to ramble and reminisce? You could even use prompts to get into the flow of it, one week everyone could share a favourite memory from a college night out or a Christmas get together. Or it could be a chance to learn more about each other, by sharing memories from outside of your time together, such as stories from your early school days or a trip abroad.

5. Create a playlist
Everyone thinks of a song then chats about why they picked it or why it’s special to them. You can take turns to play them and create a longer family playlist as the weeks go by.

6. Dinner date
There’s no doubt being able to stay in touch so easily is something we’re all immensely grateful for right now – but pandemic or no pandemic, we’re still human and will still have days where keeping up the to-do list gets overwhelming. This is where some crafty multitasking comes in handy – how about having a video call over dinner? That way, you’re eating together (sort of) and you can chat and feel connected but in a relaxed, informal way.

7. Storytime
A great one for aunties, uncles and grandparents – reading a story via video call is a lovely way to keep up those connections with the little ones in your family. If it’s a picture book, their mum or dad can take snaps of the text beforehand and message it to the reader, so the youngster can sit and turn the pages while listening.

8. Mix up the backgrounds
If you’re using Zoom for your video calls, you can change the background with any photo you like – cue endless fun and games. You could set challenges to see who comes up with the most outrageous or silly themes, or just dig out some embarrassing snaps of your brother from the early-Eighties.

9. Dress up
Taking the silliness another step further, as Instagram and TikTok have shown us, fancy dress is also catching on (some people are making a very impressive effort!). Rummaging through the house for props and makeshift costumes is half the joy. Or simply dig out your finest garb and dress up for the occasion.

10. Arty party
If baking is a flop, make it an art challenge instead. Start with family portraits – you can flip coins to see who does who or rotate until you have a full family set each. If nothing else, it’ll be a laugh, and you can frame your works of art as a funny keepsake.