This week on Operation Transformation, our five leaders were left to their own devices - how did they do? And more importantly – how did it affect their weigh-ins?

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At the beginning of her OT journey, Tanya Carroll was a virtual recluse. Now, having broken her 12-can-a-day soft drink habit and transforming her lifestyle, the 33-year-old has seen her confidence return in leaps and bounds.

Not only has she and her partner Mark treated themselves to a date night recently but the Cork woman has decided to re-join her local GAA team and join her sister's boxercise class. All of this on top of a healthy regime means that the mother of four is starting to see a real difference in her life.

During her visit to DCU, Tanya finds out that she has gone from class 2 obese to class 1 in a short space of time. Not only that but her resting heart rate has decreased from 83 to 70, and she's seen a massive 20% improvement in her general fitness. 

Starting Weight: 14st 11lbs
This week: 13st 5lbs

Lorraine’s weight loss has been very slow during her time on OT and Karl Henry is concerned that she just isn’t putting the 'work’ into her workouts. To give a helping hand, the fitness expert pays the 46-year-old a visit to put her through her paces on a cold winter's night.

It’s a particularly tough week for Lorraine and her family as it the birthday week of her sister Roisin who passed away from cancer five years ago. The mother of two takes some time to reflect on the loss of her sister.

During her visit to DCU, Lorraine surprised Prof. Moyna the most during her re-tests. Her back strength increased significantly; her arteries and resting heart rate improved dramatically, and she is now in the top 30 percentile for her age.

Starting weight: 12 stone 5 lbs
This week: 11st 9lbs

Barry & Andrea
Last week, Andrea and Barry were involved in a road traffic incident on their way home from the weigh-in. It was a terrifying experience for the couple, and host Kathryn Thomas visited the pair to find out how the pair were coping.

On Monday, the experts put their heads together and put a new plan in place for Andrea and Barry, prescribing total R&R with no exercises for the Cork couple. Following a few days of total rest and a bad dose of cabin fever, Karl gave given the couple permission to go for light walks.

The couple might have been benched for most of the week, but both Andrea and Barry surpassed their weight loss goals!

Starting weight:
 21 stone 2lbs
Current Weight: 18st 13lbs

Starting weight:
 29 stone 4lbs
Current weight: 25st 13lbs

Shane Farrell
Between his day job as a teacher and his night shifts as a musical director, Shane spent little time with his family before Operation Transformation.

During the show, he told Dr. Eddie that he had no fun in his life and that he kept busy to distract himself from his problems. Something had to give. 

Thankfully, the 29-year-old has decided to cut back drastically on his musical society commitments in order to spend more time at home with his family. However, while he may have lightened his workload for now, the young dad knows that he needs to make permanent changes to his lifestyle.

During his trip to DCU, Shane found out that he dropped from class 2 obese to class 1. Plus he saw a 17% improvement in his overall fitness, a 16% decrease in his resting heart rate and his blood pressure has gone from high for his age to normal just with lifestyle changes and healthy eating - no medication.

Starting Weight: 20st 7lbs
Current weight: 17st 13lbs (17st 13.55lbs)

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