When we heard that Dermot Bannon would be opening the doors to his ambitious home renovation, we locked into snoopy neighbour mode, ready and waiting to peer over the fence as Ireland's most famous architect set about building his dream home on Room to Improve: Dermot's Home

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Suffice to say fans saw a new side to the Room to Improve host, as he hummed and hawed over terrazzo flooring, windows, colour schemes and the garden. We followed along as he battled self-doubt, butted heads with Quantity Surveyor Patricia Power and reckoned with the reality that glass walls aren't always as striking as he thought. 

And now, we've seen the fruits of his labour: a stunning Scandinavian-inspired renovation combining the best of the Arts and Crafts Drumcondra home he bought and the latest in design innovation, borrowed from the homes he's visited over the years. 

Championing muted colours throughout, with deeper, richer tones saved for upstairs, the home hums with tranquility, with as many places to curl up and read as there are to sit and focus.

The bespoke chocolate-brown coloured terrazo flooring gleams against soft cream kitchen cabinets and steel dining chairs, while the infamous glass walls look out onto a pitched garden designed by Diarmuid Gavin and filled with lush flowers and shrubs. 

Dermot says he focused on natural materials, a headache-inducing focus that certainly paid off in the end. The herringbone flooring in the kitchen contrasts beautifully against pristine glass and the speckled stone floor, and simple furniture - such as the wooden dining table - makes an elegant statement. 

It's fitting that craftsmanship reigns in the 1930s Arts and Crafts home. We're just wondering where Dermot's children's drawings will go now... 

"You don't know how much it means, what you’ve all done for us. And I just want to thank you all for that."#RoomToImprove pic.twitter.com/kvr7gXOVif

— RTÉ One (@RTEOne) January 12, 2020

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