Kim Kardashian has "broken the Internet" a number of times in her career, but the most recent controversy to come her way is one of her most tame so far. 

When the businesswoman and reality star posted a photo promoting a new collection of underwear for her Skims line, she expected fans to ooh and ahh over the outfit, not her fridge.

Posed in front of a seemingly barren fridge save for many kinds of milk and a lot of water, fans teased the star online, asking "Do you eat air?" 

In response to the comments, Kim brought fans on an impromptu tour of her fridge - actually, of her many fridges - giving them yet another glimpse into her cathedral-like home. 

Starting in the "pantry", Kim showed off a long shelf holding identical glass jars filled with pasta, grains and pulses, adding "I got rid of all my plastics so it's all glass jars". Opening a door to the side reveals a frozen yogurt machine, the only thing in that press, while next to that is the fridge featured in her photo. 

Photo: Instagram/@KimKardashianWest

"I got rid of all plastic bottles", she says, showing an entire fridge one-third full with cans and bottles of water, while in the fridge beside it are three kinds of milk - "All my kids use a different kind of milk, you guys" - and fresh juices. 

"However, let me show you something." 

Walking up some stairs and around a corner, she reveals her enormous kitchen, filled with enough chrome appliances to sustain a restaurant kitchen. Pulling a door to the left she unveils her "walk-in refrigerator where we keep all our fresh organic produce". 

Photo: Instagram/@KimKardashianWest

"We are building on the property all organic trees to grow all our own vegetables", she adds. 

For any aspiring Mrs. Hinch, the fridge is a wonderland, with shelves upon shelves filled with fresh fruit and vegetables, prepped meals and condiments facing you as you walk in. 

Photo: Instagram/@KimKardashianWest

"It did look like an empty refrigerator that I took the photo in front of I have to admit, but this is our big main refrigerator", she said. It certainly fits with the star's minimalist-design-on-a-maximalist-scale design for her home. 

A quick spin around her massive kitchen - including a peek at her dinner, vegan tacos as the star eats "only plant-based now" - revealed a smaller pantry, fridge and freezer, all stocked with the same staples.

Maybe it's time we Marie Kondo-ed our fridges...