Is there an architecture show-shaped hole in your life? Missing pebbledash, plywood and soft furnishings in every shade of the rainbow? If so, don't worry: Home Rescue is back for another season, with architect Róisín Murphy and builder Peter Finn together again.

Whether fighting clutter, knocking down walls or helping families trim the fat from their lives, the winning team are here to brighten up our days again. 

In the bustling seaside village of Bray in north Co. Wicklow we find a 1980s three-bed semi-detached house that the Cotters - mum Caoimhe, dad Barry and their two daughters Emily (3) and Isabel (1) - call home. 

Click through the gallery above to see the before and after photos of this Bray home.

Isabel was born with Down syndrome, and since then the house has taken a back seat. The space is very cluttered and made worse by the layout of the house, which just doesn't work for the family.

Isabel's physio currently takes place in the middle of the living room and what should be big sister Emily's playroom is so crammed with toys, it’s more of a storeroom, with no space to play.

Once the decluttering team get in, the couple must come to terms with the extent of their mess, sorting through toys, clothes and bric-a-brac and deciding what should go and what should stay. This is always an emotional moment for any family. 

Meanwhile, upstairs, it's back to the drawing board for designer Róisín when builder Peter discovers a hidden chimney breast mid-build! What other treasures will be found, and how much will the Cotters have to declutter?

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