As part of RTÉ on Climate, the RTÉ Player have delivered My Best Sustainable Life - a four-part series following some well-known faces as they take on the challenge of living a more sustainable lifestyle. 

In each episode, our guest presenter commits to changing one aspect of their life for the better of the planet. Bonnie Ann Clyde will check out planet-friendly beauty while The 2 Johnnies and Lauren Guilfoyle attempt to host a carbon-free party, Nadia Forde tries her hand at sustainable parenting and, last but not least, Thumper try to make their upcoming UK tour as carbon neutral as possible.

In each episode, our hosts will examine their current habits and estimate how much of an impact they have on the environment. They then decide on a number of simple changes they will make to try and change this.

Over the period of a week, we follow them as they adjust to their new routine.  At the end of the challenge, we examine how much of a difference they have made to their environmental footprint? Has the change been worth it and are they willing to continue living their best sustainable life for good?

You can watch the full series of My Best Sustainable Life right now on your lunchbreak (each episode is just eight minutes) on the RTÉ Player.

Nadia Forde
On top of a hectic acting and modelling career Nadia has recently become a parent to baby Wyatt Riley which has given her new perspective on the future of our planet.

She wants a better world for him but is she ready to transform into an eco-mum? How would Wyatt react to no more plastic toys?  How could she possibly get through a single day without a packet of baby wipes to hand? And after a long day navigating London's public transport system with a buggy in tow, will a 4am sustainable nappy change be the breaking point?

Watch the video at the top of the page to see what Nadia learned from the experience.