Room to Improve is back and better than ever with Ireland's favourite architect, Dermot Bannon, creating diverse and beautiful homes, pushing budgets to their limits, installing glass windows like nobody's business, and inspiring some of the country's funniest tweets.

Frances and Nigel
Room to Improve reached a special milestone last night as Dermot came under budget for the first time for an ambitious and lavish renovation in Ashford Co. Wicklow. However, all was not what it seemed, and with a determined and headstrong couple fully in touch with their tastes, Dermot's smooth plan quickly goes a bit wobbly. 

Frances and Nigel Coffey, a nurse and a Vice President of a pharmaceutical company respectively, have worked hard for their home. Having received land from Nigel's father years ago, they built their family home by the book in the 90s. 

However, with five children ranging in ages from nine to 26 and with girlfriends, friends, a dog and family living nearby, the house is just too cramped and they struggle for space. Their vision is a clear one: turn their typical 1990s bungalow into a contemporary dream home with all the best modern fittings and a little "bling". 

Which might explain the bath. 

Drawn to the kind of glitz and glamour found in hotels, Frances and Nigel clearly have a fondness for the finer things in life, such as a black glass bathtub costing €11,500, so large the Frances joked that she, Nigel and Dermot could fit in it. 

If that wasn't luxe enough, Nigel plucks for gold taps, Frances - a keen yoga lover - gets a yoga studio overlooking their verdant garden and a pool is added for good measure. Dermot supports much of their ambitious plans, but his true challenge is proving to them that style doesn't have to cost a fortune and he tries to reel them in.

Slowly, with more details being added, Dermot's finely honed budget begins to bloat, and while this project looks like an architect's dream, Dermot struggles to marry his suggestions with the Coffeys' extravagant wants. 

As always, Irish Twitter was on hand to document the highs, the lows and the nation's grá for Dermot and his grá for an auld window. Here are the best of the lot: 

No dread here

James'll fix it

Palm trees and stuff

Under budget

Do the hair for Dermot

Bath time

The shed

The sculptures!

He's ... annoyed