If you heard a distinct shatter at 10:00am this morning, fear not, it was merely the sound of hearts breaking across the country as tickets for Lizzo - the body-positive, flute-playing, self-empowered, icon- sold out in seconds.

Laptops, desktops, and smartphones lit up the faces of hopelessly eager fans this morning as they frantically refreshed the Ticketmaster website, keeping an eye on the anxiety-inducing countdown timer. 

Approximately ten seconds after they went on sale, the tickets were gone. 

Now, let's be honest, we knew the chances were slim. Having such a legendary woman play such a small venue - the Olympia only holds approximately 1,621 people - was a recipe for disaster. 

There were 25,000 #Lizzo tweets on Irish Twitter on the day the gig was announced. Before long, fans were tallying up the numbers, and the results weren't looking good.

 Keeping the non-Tweeting Lizzbians in mind, along with the tickets being held back for the Spotify pre-sale (which also sold out in seconds), fans quickly realised they were going to be left disappointed.

Demand for extra dates or a venue change followed this morning's disappointment but, unfortunately, the RDS and 3Arena were already booked up, leaving promoters with few other options.

For now, it looks like the fate of non-ticket holders has been sealed so to keep you going on this dreary day, we have gathered some of our fav #Lizzogate tweets:

Shout out to the fans bringing solutions, not problems, to the table:

To those of you who managed to get tickets, promise us that you'll go hard; dress up, dance, sing, laugh, cry, and above all, do your calisthenics.