When the Internet was first conceived, it was believed it would help answer the big questions in life. It turns out that when it comes to personal hygiene, it is just as enlightening.

The simple questions are usually the most difficult to answer, such as this query posed by Twitter user Conor Arpwel: "Do you wash your legs when you take a shower?"

The prompt for this question remains unknown, but the intention was to find out how many people designate precious shower time to washing just their legs. Conor included a Twitter poll for people to have their say and almost immediately triggered an international debate.

Six days, 3,300 likes and 838,000 responses later, the discussion has been dubbed "WashGate" and is no doubt a watershed moment for Internet debates on cleanliness. 

Currently, 80% of respondents wash their legs in the shower, while 20% do not. The discussion hinges on the argument for and against relying on the "trickle down" effect, whereby shower gel and shampoo used on the upper body falls down, washing the legs in the process. 

Don't legs wash themselves from the soap off the upper body?

— Nick (@Nickmate7) May 11, 2019

I feel like my legs don’t get dirty 🤷🏽‍♀️ plus, soap and shampoo run down my legs when Im showering

— Queenie🌹 (@Queen050780) May 10, 2019

Many find this concept abhorrent. 

Some called for a similar discussion regarding feet and whether people clean them, while others made bare-faced admissions of non-washing that, frankly, are shocking. 

Because there are two kinds of people, one woman replied that she has a specially designed foot nook in her shower for washing her feet. 

Conor, for one, washes his legs and went into detail about his specific washing routine. 

"My showers only take 5 to 10 minutes, but I have a rather neurotic step-by-step bathing process. I wash my face and neck ... and then I use a generic organic body wash on back of my neck/ears, arms, underarms, chest, back, genitals, butt, legs, and feet in that order. Then, I wash my hair with shampoo and occasionally some conditioner."

Barely a day into his Twitter opus, Conor released his official statement on the matter, writing "My name is Conor Arpwel and I am a leg washer". 

"Leg washing is an important component of my cleanliness regimen, but also I’m not out to get people who don’t wash their legs for various reasons.

"I only meant for this whole thing to be a fun & frivolous topic of conversation lol."

Here are some of the best responses, from leg washers and non-leg-washers alike. 

Better together 

Preemptively closing my eyes for this one 

The other leg day 

What kind of day are you having?


Always the feet!