For those of you unfamiliar with the app, Snapchat is a social media platform that allows users to photos and videos with one another that vanish after seconds after being seen.

According to research firm Piper Jaffray, 84 percent of teens reported using it at least once per month in 2018 with 46 percent of those surveyed rating it as their favorite platform.

Although it has fallen in popularity in the wake of Instagram, the photo-sharing app has managed to hold it's own (despite Kylie Jenner's cutting tweet) thanks to the power of its filters. From chipmunk voices and stickers to personal emojis and funny face filters, the app allows you to transform your image in a myriad of ways.

Earlier this week, the latest update rolled out a gender swap filter. When applied, it gives men softer, typically more feminine, features such as big eyes, blushed cheeks and long hair. In the same vein, it gives women a more square jaw, facial hair, and bushier eyebrows.

None of that sounds particularly revolutionary but it seems that people are fascinated by this small switch. And by people, we mean men.

For the most part, women have laughed at the resemblance they have to their brothers while using the app while men, on the other hand, have embraced a whole new lifestyle - one where they take multiple selfies and catfish other men on Tinder. 

Check out the funniest tweets of the latest Snapchat filter below: