We've been eagerly waiting for any and all details about Kathryn Thomas's upcoming wedding, and as the presenter shares updates about the imminent event, it sounds like the party of the summer. 

The notoriously busy presenter left comparatively little time to prepare for the wedding to partner Padraig McLoughlin, who she had baby Ellie with in March 2018. 

The couple had to delay planning for their big day after Kathryn learned she was expecting Ellie, but now the pair have settled on an August date, leaving just six months to prep for the party. 

The bridal party will have no less than nine bridesmaids on the day, plus baby Ellie, whose involvement will make the day "extra special", according to Kathryn. 

The couple have said that they will marry on Irish soil rather than in a far-off location, and will possibly take a trip somewhere later in the year. We'll keep our fingers crossed for another glorious summer for them!

"We're getting married in Ireland so I'm looking forward to it. We've got about 200 coming so it's just going to be a big party and it feels more special now that Ellie is here to celebrate with us," she said to Independent.ie.

It's likely Ellie will be running the show, or at least trying to, as the little girl reached a new milestone recently as she started walking. 

"She's just at that age now where she's trying to walk but she's the best in the world," Kathryn said, having shared a video on social media of her youngster taking some tentative steps.

"We're laughing all the time, at her and with her, because you're kind of like, 'I don't want her to get any older' and then she gets a week older and she's doing something even more hilarious than before so it's great, it's amazing."