A new podcast series from RTÉ as Jennifer Rock, aka The Skin Nerd, discusses all things skin. Along the way, she's joined by her nerds and nerdettes to share some tips. Listen to all five episodes now and see more from The Skin Nerd at RTÉ.ie/Lifestyle

The Core 4 Skincare Products

Nerdette Grainne talks to Jen about the importance of skin philosophy and the all essential Core 4. 

Bridal and Event Skin

Nerdette Lisa shares her tips and tricks in prepping your skin for the big day. 

Rosacea Skincare feat. Tracy Clifford

2FM's Tracy Clifford wonders does she have Rosacea and shares her skin care routine with Jen. 

Make Up Essentials

Nerd Ben talks all things make up and the benefits of switching to mineral products. 

Skincare Q&A

Jen talks to Skin Nerd stan Alice and will endeavour to answer the many questions she has gathered from other hoomans about their skincare. 

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