After bonding on the dancefloor of Dancing with the Stars, Marty Morrissey and Bernard O’Shea decided to bring their bromance to the next level with a two-part series called Marty and Bernard's Big Adventure.

In tonight's episode, the two RTÉ presenters - who don't so much as moisturise - are sent on a mission to discover the secrets of the modern man.

Their first chat is with physiologist Ray O’Neill who fills them in on the pressure that men are under to look beautiful. Where once there were Bond Girls now there are Bond Boys - here's looking at you, Daniel Craig.

Next, GAA star Bernard Brogan introduces the boys to facials, fashion, Ireland's newfound aversion to socks and the power of a good hair-focused WhatsApp group.

Following this, the duo visit Jennifer Rock, aka 'The Skin Nerd', who treats them to their first facial. This quickly leads them onto further grooming with Mark O’Keefe in Dublin male grooming hotspot – Sugar Daddy – where they are waxed, plucked and groomed – all in the name of beauty!

Of course, their beauty regime wouldn't be complete without a visit to Tropical Popical where the pair get manicures and the low down on what women want. Hint: HD brows are involved.

Before long, Marty and Bernard decide it's time for a career change. Of course, the next logical step is modeling. They visit Derek Daniels from Irelands leading model agency, Assets Modelling agency, where they are educated on the power of social media and gaining followers.

Derek advises them the first thing they need to do is get a portfolio together so they visit Stephen James O’Neill a leading fashion & portfolio photographer. Stephen gets the boys to work.

Deep into their adventure, the two boys feel as if they need to get out of Ireland to explore their potential modeling careers so they head to Marty's old stomping ground - New York City.

They meet with fashion influencers Erika Fox and Danny from the Bronx, top plastic surgeon Dr. Shaffer, former Roscommon footballer Neil Collins and a transgender woman named Anne Koch.

Anne  – who was a former male model – gives them some tips for the camera but also talks to them about what it was like to be a male model in Japan many moons ago.

They also meet Nolé Marin - leading Artistic Director and former judge on Americas Top Model - who gets them their first photo shoot.

Watch part 1 of Marty & Bernard's Big Adventure this Sunday on RTÉ One at 9:30pm. Next Sunday, the two will be pushed to their limits as they enter the world survivalists...