The 12th season of Operation Transformation came to an emotional and inspiring end last night as the five original leaders conquered their 5k and walked the catwalk, showing off the fruits of their labour. 

After eight weeks of sticking to the Operation Transformation fitness and diet plans, our fierce five lost a whopping 10 stone between them and they looked every bit the proud motivators they are. 

As we saw yesterday, it takes as much work prepping for the finale as it does losing the weight, with the fabulous ladies getting made up and primped as though for their own personal Oscars. 

While Jean Tierney left the show in week 6 after finding out she was pregnant, she was reunited with her fellow leaders for the catwalk, where they gave Kendall Jenner a run for her money and reveled in the challenging but reward journey each had been on. 

Speaking about the finale, presenter Kathryn Thomas said "I have so enjoyed this 12th series of Operation Transformation alongside old friends and new.

"Our five leaders have been an inspiration to viewers right across the country, with Jean’s story particularly touching hearts, not least my own! I wish them all health and happiness in the future."

Final weigh-in

Paul Murphy from Tubbercurry, Co Sligo entered the show weighing 20st, and in the past week he exceeded his target of 2lbs, losing a whopping 5.5lbs for an incredible final weigh-in.

This means his total weight loss is 2st 12lbs, bringing him down to 17st 1lb, an achievement he managed while struggling with the pressures of running businesses, being with family and opening up to the Irish nation. 

Cathal Gallagher from Ballyshannon, Co Donegal started the show weighing 26st 12.5lb, and in the past week he tripled his weight loss target of 2lb, dropping 6lbs. 

This means his total weight loss is 3st 10lb, bringing him down to 23st. His journey was one of incredible achievements as he would consistently exceed targets and delight in his new healthier lifestyle. 

Pamela Swayne from Youghal, Co Cork weighed 13st 12.5lb when she joined the show, and this week she played another blinder by losing twice her target of 1lb. 

Pamela's total weight loss was 15lbs, bringing her weight down to 12st 13lb. Pamela overcame criticism for bad habits and past decisions from the judges to prove herself an inspirational leader, emerging healthier and happier. 

Siobhan O’Brien from Clonsilla, Co Dublin joined the show weighing 17st 4.5lb and over the past week also smashed her target of 1lb, losing 4lbs, one of her best weeks yet. 

This makes her total weight loss 1st 13lb, bringing her down to 15st 7lb. With birthdays and family events throughout the series, Pamela showed ferocious focus and inspired viewers with her commitment. 

Jean Tierney from Bruff, Co Limerick came into the show weighing 15st 1lb, and had lost 12lbs by week 6, when she had to leave the programme after finding out she was pregnant. 

Jean warmed the hearts of viewers across the country with her story of fortitude and strength after suffering a miscarriage and then the death of her young daughter, Sloane. It was a thrill to see her strut the catwalk with her fellow leaders. 

Total weight loss for the five leaders of 146.5lb (66.45kg)