Patrick Sweeney is searching for the doctor and paramedics who saved his life.

Friday the 7th of December is a date Patrick will never forget, although he has no memories of much of the day. He was driving through Templeogue in South Dublin when he suffered a cardiac arrest while behind the wheel.

What happened next saved Patrick's life.

The person whose car he crashed into was a doctor. She made the call for two paramedics to come, then helped Patrick’s son (who was in the car with him) to get him out of the vehicle. The paramedics arrived and performed CPR on Patrick, saving his life on three separate occasions until he could be brought to hospital.

The last memories Patrick had before the crash were of him collecting his son and there weren't any signs to suggest he would suffer a cardiac arrest.

"There was nothing to indicate there was any problem whatsoever," said Patrick. "I had driven up from Wexford, I'd come off the M50, I collected my son. We were going back to Wexford, he forgot something, we turned around, came back down off the M50 on the Spawell.

"We were on as far as I know, from what I was told, we were on Templeogue road and I just keeled over".

"My son thought I was joking until I crashed into the car in front of me"

Patrick believes the doctor’s name is Ashlyn Lou but is not sure of the spelling and cannot find her contact details or any more information on the paramedics who saved his life.

After being put into a coma for three days, Patrick is now recovering at home and hopes to be able to contact the people who saved his life.

If anyone has any information, please get in touch with the show 1850 715 815 or email

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