Some people are hard to forget. Sure, First Dates Ireland has seen its fair share of questionable characters and cringe moments but we've also met some incredible people over the seasons. 

 As the latest series continues tonight, we take a little walk down memory lane.

Here are some of the most unforgettable characters we’ve met along the way.

Paddy Smyth

Paddy not only won the heart of his date David, he won the hearts of everyone watching First Dates Ireland. Paddy, who has cerebral palsy, is a vocal disability campaigner on social media.

Paddy’s positive attitude and his great sense of humour was an inspiration to us all.

'In some ways I love my disability,' he said.

'It makes me different which is probably why I have a following on social media. Although it’s a negative. It’s my Achilles Heel - in one way I hate it and in another way, I love it. It’s a paradox.' 

Well said Paddy.

Laylah Beattie

We all have our struggles in life but some people have bigger hurdles to jump than others.

Laylah was our first transgender dater on First Dates and as she told us on the show, she is still currently making her transition and it hasn’t been easy.

'I definitely have more challenges than probably your average person. People on the street staring and shouting,' she revealed on the show.

'There’s a lot of people who, I think, hate me and it’s very weird to have someone hate you for no reason.'

Asked what one thing she would change about her life if she could Laylah declared: 'I’d change society. I know a lot of people would expect me to say that I’d change the fact that I was born male but I think the problem doesn’t start with you as an individual, I think everyone has the right to be who they are but I would change the way people look at me.'

Laylah's date on the show was also pretty inspirational. 

Kyle Twomey


Kyle was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 17 and had to fight to get back to good health, a struggle that you can see still creates a lot of emotion in him.

Kyle who identifies as pansexual, which he explained means he is attracted to people based on their personality 'regardless of their gender or sexual orientation', was paired up with Laylah on last season's Valentine's special.

Kyle opened up to her about his fight with cancer:

'It has made me realise how near you can be to everything gone, so [I'm] just trying to live life properly and do anything and everything.I’m lucky to be alive.

'If I had waited another three months I wouldn’t have made Christmas they said. There would be nobody sitting in this chair right now, or maybe there'd be a different person.'

Briain Óg 

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Some say puns are the lowest form of humour. Briain Óg however would disagree. The Limerick man has a deep passion for the humourous word-play.

The first dinger Briain drops on us on the show was:

'Did you just come out of the oven? Because you’re HOT!'

Oh my.

To be fair to Brian, he isn’t completely naïve; he does refer to his puns as 'terrible'.

But then he goes on to say he’ll instantly marry his blind date if she loves puns...

Erinna and Keith

Probably one of the most memorable pairings in First Dates history...Erinna and Keith. Everyone loves witnessing a relationship bloom and Erinna and Keith looked to be a perfect match.

Their heartwarming tale only grew as the cameras continued to roll. Erinna went through the tragedy of losing her brother, who she was so close to and his loss really held her back.

When Erinna decided to share her personal story, Keith reciprocated and felt it was only right to let Erinna know he had been diagnosed with Aspergers. In a twist of fate that you just couldn’t make up, Erinna tells Keith that she also and been recently diagnosed with Aspergers. Sometimes things just work out! 

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