Arguably Ireland's most stylish man, Darren Kennedy is nothing if not busy. The 34-year-old has worked as a TV presenter, style columnist, red carpet host and Specsavers ambassador. Most recently, he launched the Kennedy & Co, a range of cruelty-free products specifically for men.

Now, somehow, the fashion savvy journalist has found time to put on his dancing shoes and join the cast of Ireland's Dancing with the Stars. We caught up with Darren to find out how he's getting on so far.

"It has been a juggling act. There are lots of plates in the air and I have a really great team around me who I trust and are really great at what they do. There has been a lot of delegation but people keep things motoring on," says Darren.

"Kennedy and Co. is a new brand, we only launched in September so we're still finding our groove and what works, which is exciting and they're all excited that I'm taking part in Dancing with the Stars but it's just making sure that the ball doesn't drop."

If you follow Mr. Kennedy on Instagram, you know that as well as having a passion for fashion, he has a massive interest in health and fitness. Surely, all his years spent in the gym have paid off on the dance floor?

"I have no dance experience but now I've realised that I probably have minus dance experience," he laughs. "It's totally starting from scratch, I probably underestimated how difficult that can be."

"Being fit and being used to training and exercising absolutely stands to you. I don't smoke, I'm used to going to the gym and I quite enjoy it. The dances are very fast, tangos and salsas are very fast, so you do find that at the end of it you're out of breath."

"Me and my dancer have a physio coming to us every week," he continued. "I've never done the level of activity that we're doing and it's only going to ramp up and get more intense."

With Christmas just around the corner, the professional dancers and celebrity competitors will most likely be passing up on the mince pies and mulled wine to get in shape for opening night. Darren, however, has other plans.

"This Christmas I'm going to be on the Copacabana beach in Brazil," he laughed. "I won't be holding back on anything, I'll be cha-cha-cha-ing on the sand - or probably just lying there.

"I haven't had a holiday this year so I'm going to enjoy it. I will put the work in and be as prepared as I possibly can be but I also think it's important to take the foot off the pedal and come back refreshed."

This trip to Brazil has the added bonus of 30-degree heat, meaning less time applying fake tan in Dublin.

"I'm hoping I'm not going to need much tan. It's summer in Brazil, I want a natural glow."

As a style columnist, red carpet host and all around fashion guru, Darren is never caught with a hair out of place. However, come January, he will have to hand himself over to the wardrobe department of Dancing with the Stars - is he looking forward to head to toe sequins?

"I'm embracing the glitz and the glamour and the sequins and the whole show. You have two options: you go against it and struggle or you go with it and enjoy it and get into the groove so I'm going with that."