Watching Ireland's Fittest Family while scoffing back sweets, chips and all manner of decadent indulgences is one of the nation's favourite pastimes, but imagine how much nicer it would be in the warm glow of Christmas excess. 

That's exactly what we'll be doing this yuletide season as RTÉ announces its Christmas television line-up, including a special celebrity version of Ireland's Fittest Family

A host of brave celebs will be taking a break from their day jobs and tackle the gruelling courses we know and love from the show. The celebrity that emerges victorious alongside their family will win €10,000 for their chosen charity and the joy of calling themselves the first winners of Ireland's Fittest Family - Celebrity Special

The incredibly successful show is renowned for putting family dynamics, both taxing and heartwarming, on the main stage, and it will surely be a thrill to see some of our favourite public figures battle against physical challenges, mental challenges and emotional challenges. 

Donncha will be hoping to claim another victory on the show as he coaches Moon Boy actress Norma Sheahan and her family, while Davy will push 2FM’s Keith Walsh and his clan to their limit, employing the militant discipline and strategy we know him for.

Derval hopes to be victorious with the young singers Sean and Conor Price (will there be calls to "Check it" we wonder?), and Anna will be cracking the whip and putting all her experience into guiding Dancing with the Stars judge Brian Redmond and his family.

Speaking to RTÉ Lifestyle, Walsh said he was inspired to take part as he and his family are huge fans of the show. "It's not often in life that you get to go through something like this as a family and we thought it would be a great bonding exercise and create nice family memories", he said. "Plus ... we're quite competitive."

On whether he is excited or nervous, Walsh says it's a mix of both and that it changes each day. "There are days when you're totally up for it and looking forward to it and then you'll have a day where you're thinking 'What have we signed up for'?"

"We've no idea how fit the other families or what the course will be like so it's slightly worrying. My son Finn is just giving out all the time because he's too young to take part!"

As for his own strategy? "We all go to the same gym -  Industrial Fitness in Newbridge - so we'll be doing circuits there a few times a week and perhaps a bit of running and a lot of praying that the course won't be too hard."

Christmas time is, for better or worse, when we spend the most time with our families, enduring their idiosyncrasies and celebrating their unique quirks. With this in mind, Celebrity Ireland's Fittest Family is the perfect show to gather round the television and scoff some biscuits to.