"Under every sleeping bag is a story," said Ryan Tubridy chatting to caller Aidan who contacted him to explain why he feels giving money to the homeless can enhance the world. 

"I used to ask people, you know, do you want something to eat, because I didn’t want to be contributing to drug habits or drinking habits," said Aidan, but after an 'Aha!' moment, he started to see things differently.

"I thought do you know what, I don’t know what they’re going through and I thought, well look, what you do with the money is your business. If you need to get a sandwich, you’ll get a sandwich but if you need to get a drink to get you through the day and into the night well so be it."

As far as Aidan is concerned, there are charities doing valiant work to help people through addiction issues and while he is going home to a nice house and a hot meal, he has no idea with the night holds in store for those sleeping rough. He is aware that people working in this area may see things differently, but in his own heart, Aidan would prefer to give.

"It’s a gift, no strings attached, you do what you want with it. Anytime I give Christmas presents, I don’t ask somebody well what did you do with that, what did you spend that voucher on and that has really been my attitude… I’m just glad it’s not me sitting on the ground there."

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