Broadcast live from the hallowed halls of the Anatomy Museum in Trinity College, Dublin, Growing Up, Live continued its fascinating deep dive into the wonders of human life by delving into the murky waters of ageing.

If we told you that you could test your life expectancy by just sitting down, would you want to know?

Okay, finding out, roughly, how long you'll live for isn't as simple as that, but scientists have created a test that they believe can accurately measure how we're ageing and presenter Angela Scanlon gave it the old college try on last night's final episode of Growing Up, Live

The sitting/rising test is simple enough that you can replicate it wherever you are. You begin with one foot tucked behind the other with your strongest leg in front and slowly lower yourself down into a sitting position. You start off with 10 points and you deduct one point every time you have to use a hand or a knee when getting back up. If you wobble you lose half a point.

Designed for people over 50, the test can be done by anyone and is a fun way to test your fitness, balance, strength and flexibility. 

To see how a group of Dublin Marathon All-Timers, as well as Angela (a former dancer!) got on, watch the video above! 

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