To celebrate Science Week, the RTÉ Weather team are sharing some fun facts about - you guessed it - the weather! Today, Louise Heraghty explains why rainbows are so common in Ireland.

Here in Ireland, our weather is often under the influence of low pressure. Associated with low pressure is rising air giving us the much used, cliche sounding "sunshine and showers". This very common feature of our weather is why we get plenty of rainbows! 

We take rainbows for granted here in Ireland; they’re not as common in other parts of the world where more stable weather conditions often dominate the landscape.

Rainbows occur when the sun is behind us and the rain is in front of our field of vision. The rainbow appears on the far side of the rain when the white light is spread into its seven visible colours.

Rainbows are even more common in spring and autumn when the sun is low in the sky at our latitude..