Do your kids love science? Well, clear your kitchen countertops and get ready because RTÉjr has a brand new science show that will introduce your family to some amazing experiments that you can do at home.

Let’s Find Out is set on the space-ship ‘Curiosity’ - captained by alien puppet Zoom and her trusty assistants, physicist Mark Langtry and biochemist Ciara Murphy. Together they explore questions sent in by children.

During a visit to RTÉ, Mark enlisted the help of some well-known parents to demonstrate some fun kitchen-table science experiments they can do with their children.

Watch our very own Taragh Loughrey-Grant make a lava lamp above.

What you need:

  • Empty large plastic bottle with the lid off (1-litre size is ideal)
  • Funnel or jug for pouring
  • Water (about a quarter of the size of the bottle)
  • Vegetable oil (use as much as required to fill the bottle to just below the top)
  • Food colouring (any colour, but red is great!)
  • Fizzy tablets (such as indigestion tablets or fizzy vitamin tablets), broken into halves
  • A torch - dim the lights and it looks like a lava lamp in action!

Next, you can learn how to make Oobleck with Keith Walsh.

Let's Find Out is a new science series on RTEjr, co-funded by Science Foundation Ireland. Tune in on RTEjr Monday to Friday from at 5.20 and 13.30.