The UN has declared October 11th International Day of the Girl and in relation to this topic, a new report on the safety of girls in cities has been released today by Plan International Ireland. 

Noeline Blackwell, CEO of Dublin Rape Crisis, joined Sean O’Rourke to respond to some of the findings of this report which states that over a third of Irish women have been harassed in public places as well as many other worrying statistics.

Sean wanted to know if Noeline was surprised by any of findings and unfortunately her response was "no."

"Not surprised by them, upset by them still.  It’s quite shocking the level at which people, particularly younger women, are experiencing harassment of all kinds including sexual harassment which seemed to be one of the most common forms of harassment of young people in the streets of Dublin."

Dublin itself actually proved to be one of the safer cities for young women but clearly, we have a long way to go in terms of addressing this problem.

"Roguish behaviour," which might be seen as "fun" can be extremely harmful to women and what might be perceived as a sexist compliment that may be insulting could actually prove very threatening. 

"Much more understanding is required in this area to clean up the way we interact and to address these issues are continuing to be all too prevalent in our society.

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