Hosted by Brendan Courtney, This Crowded House is a shrewd series delving into the lives of 20 and 30-something-year-olds living with their parents in Ireland.

We caught up with the show's Financial Planner, Eoin McGee to get his advice for those trying to rent or buy in Ireland. 

"When things are this hard, you have to work harder at being the best presented you can be because you have to be attractive to landlords, you have to be attractive to banks.

"This is just the world we're living in right now, it's not fair and it's not right but, actually, you really need to strategically think about how you're positioning yourself. Without that, this really difficult environment is even more difficult," he said.

If you are self-employed and trying to apply for a mortgage, Eoin suggests looking at your accounts first.

"If you don't treat yourself as a professional, why do you expect the banks to? Don't have bank accounts where you are buying stuff for the business and buying pints. Separate your personal and your business lives, particularly when it comes to your bank accounts.

"You need to show them that you've got consistency, and what that means to a bank is having the same level of earnings for two - or some bank will even look for three - years before they say yep, that looks level and consistent.

On tonight's episode...

This week, Brendan meets a youth worker and mum-of-one from Wicklow who boomeranged back to her parents’ house 5 years ago and is feeling the pressure to move out and find a new home for herself and her young daughter.

At 29-years of age, Danielle is working, studying for a degree, raising her 7-year-old daughter and aiming to move out of her parent's house before she hits 30.

Qualified for the Housing Assistance Payment (HAP), Danielle has been finding it more a hindrance than a help in finding a property to rent – although she actually hasn’t even got a viewing in months. As she attempts to navigate her limited choices, the chaos of the Bray property market takes its toll.

Can Danielle manage to win over the hearts of property agents and landlords in Bray when there are hundreds of potential candidates to choose from? 

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Next, Brendan meets a young Dublin Montessori teacher who dreams of making a life for herself in the country now that she’s been priced out of Dublin.

26-year-old Alice Bowring wants to move out of her parents’ beautiful home in Dalkey, Co. Dublin in order to live with her boyfriend of five years and fellow teacher, Sean.

Not only that, but she has plans to buy a home in the country rather than rent in Dublin. However, with mortgage hopes higher than what she could realistically get, Alice’s journey is anything but straightforward.

Watch This Crowded House on RTÉ2 at 9:30pm every Wednesday.