Of all the worries you might have on your wedding day, the priest refusing to say Mass until your cherry blossom tree decorations are removed is typically not one of them. 

Having surely spent hours crafting their dream wedding from Pinterest boards, magazines and any amount of meetings, Jenny and David O'Brien's big day was almost uprooted when, just minutes before the ceremony was due to start, the priest "demanded" the six cherry blossom tree be removed from along the pews. 

Accusing the wedding decorator, Edel Cooney of 'Vintage Affair', of having the church looking "like a fashion show", the priest's protest left the wedding planner "in tears" and the ceremony delayed for an hour as the trees were removed. 

Having spent two hours to set up the church beautifully, and with guests arriving, Edel saw a man walking "very aggressively" towards her and start shouting at her staff. "I actually thought to myself that he's a photographer or some other vendor in the wedding." 

"He pointed in my face and said 'I'm not doing this wedding until this [tree] is gone, get it gone now!" When she asked if he was the priest he replied, "I am, and what I say goes". 

Despite trying to placate him and reach an agreement, Edel said "there was no talking to this man". "He had me shaking", she added.

The planning team removed all decorations except the trees, after the priest removed the bride and groom chairs himself, which Edel says were "smaller than his own chair". "He was just on a mission", she says. 

The priest then called the bride to inform them what was going on, which Edel was avoiding in the interest of saving her some stress and upset. 

Meghan Markle got a mini forest, but a few cherry blossoms is too much, it seems. 

The priest only changed his tune once Edel told him she would tell Joe Duffy, the guests, her social media followers and the Archbishop of Dublin what had happened that day.

The planners decided to move the trees to the entrance to create a passageway. 

Speaking on Liveline yesterday, Jenny said that the priest was a "a lovely man, and the ceremony he did was fantastic", and that they had been given just two instructions: "Not to stick anything with thumbtacks or blue tack to the walls or pews - which we didn't do."

Jenny knew very little about the situation at the time, no doubt focused on getting herself to the church on time and in one piece. The only hint she got that something was wrong was when she saw the trees lined up outside the church once she arrived. Nonetheless, just minutes before the ceremony was due to start, cracks starting forming in the plan. 

"I was getting a few photos with family outside when my phone started ringing," David told Joe Duffy. "There was a voicemail from the priest and it was just carnage. I said to my two brothers, we need to go to the church."

The first sight he was met with was Edel in tears. 

"The priest made a bee line for me as we walked in the gates. I said 'what's the issue?' and he said it was totally unacceptable, that this [the decoration] wasn't a big party."