John from Youghal was on his way to the 2018 National Ploughing Championships when the news came in that events of the second day were being cancelled. Of course, that didn't stop John.

He joined Joe Duffy on a very blustery line as he made his way to Tullamore. Listen to the interview above.

When Joe asked him if he had heard that Day 2 of the event had been cancelled, John said that it didn’t matter. He was coming anyway.

"Oh Jesus, I’m not turning around at all, I’m after coming all the way up from Ballymacoda," he said.

He had not been caught short, he explained. He had brought his trusty Hiace and he has some supplies.

"I’ve a bit of clothes in the back there. An old pillowcase and a bottle of water and stuff and I’ll keep going. It’ll do me tonight…I have the toothbrush with me, I don’t ever go anywhere without it."

Joe wondered where John would find accommodation at such short notice. Not to worry, John has thought about that too.

"I’ll be in the Hiace. She’ll be rocking a bit but she’ll be alright."

And there’s one benefit to getting there early, he told Joe.

"As soon as the gates open tomorrow I’ll stick my head out of the Hiace. I’ll have no queues or nothing, only straight in."

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