When photographer Gerry Mooney took a photo of Meghan Markle greeting the crowds outside Trinity College last July, he had no way of knowing that one month later, he would pick up the phone to hear a representative from Kensington Palace on the other end.

Meghan Markle liked Gerry’s picture. So much so that she wants to feature it on her official Thank You cards. Gerry joined Ray D’Arcy to talk about his career as a photographer for The Irish Daily Star and The Irish Independent and getting the royal seal of approval.

Gerry remembers the picture in question. The women in the crowd caught his eye, he told Ray. He waited to capture the moment Meghan interacted with them.

"It’s a very warm, engaging picture. It’s of her with people from Dublin, obviously and she’s after being given a bunch of flowers and there’s a great sense of enjoyment and sense of occasion with the picture.

"Like, everybody’s just kind of engaging with each other…You can’t help but kind of connect with the picture when you see it."

Gerry was at Trinity as part of a pool of photographers working on behalf of a number of agencies, so it wasn’t long before his photo travelled worldwide.

"I saw them in Vogue in Australia and stuff like that. They went everywhere."

A royal photographer was stationed next to Gerry on the day. He recalls the photographer remarking that Meghan usually walked behind Harry. Today, though, she was taking the lead.

"She was leading the walkabout that day and, you know, he says, ‘God, she’s in great form today’."

Gerry told Ray that the photo is something he’ll be proud to show his kids in a few years and a testament to taking a chance.

"In this job you just have to trust your instincts sometimes. And thankfully, it worked out."

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Photo credit: Getty