Vogue Williams explores monogamy in modern Ireland in her one-hour documentary Is Monogamy Dead? 

Looking at the popularity of Tinder, a dating app with over one million downloads, Vogue sets out to meet the 'Most Swiped Right Guy'.

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If you're familiar with the app, you'll know that swiping right indicates you're interested in the person and want to chat - something that 24-year-old student Peter Kurt knows all about.

"I don't know how accurate they are, maybe they got their data wrong but it's quite a great ice-breaker," he told Vogue.

As it turns out, Peter really is quite the catch and has resisted putting his 'most swiped' title on his dating profile. "I thought that might come across a bit arrogant," he laughed.

While online dating may seem like fun, Dr. Derek Freedman explains that the digital era has actually accelerated sexually transmitted diseases and has even seen the resurgence of syphilis.

"The difficult thing here is people are inhibitors and shy to talk about if they have had a problem with an infection so they are concealed," he explained.

"People go through phases, phases where they may be a little less careful; they may use a condom for vaginal sex or anal sex but they forget that a lot of the bugs can also be caught through oral sex".

While Dr. Freedman acknowledges that having multiple partners is nothing new, he suggests that sex has "almost become a consumer item" and insists that people need to be more vigilant when it comes to their sexual health. 

Elsewhere in the documentary, Vogue meets a number of people who are living alternative lifestyles including Mary from Manchester who has a husband, a fiance and two boyfriends. 

In the above video, Vogue asks why anyone would bother getting married if they plan on having multiple partners. Mary explains:

"Even though I love other men, I knew that I wanted to be with Tim for life so getting married was appropriate."

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