Naming a baby can be a difficult task for new parents so we've come up with nineteen unusual suggestions.

Both unique and meaningful, Gaelic names are still a big hit for many parents when naming their babies. In fact, many of the Irish names popular today are rooted in Irish mythology and old Gaelic. 

In 2014, statistics based on newly issued passports placed three Irish names in the top 20 baby girl's names' - Aoife, Saoirse and Caoimhe. 

As for the top 20 baby boy's names? Oisín, Liam, Cian, Darragh and Seán all featured in the list.

Would you like a meaningful traditional Irish name for your little one?

If you'd rather stay clear of the trends and fancy something a little bit different and unique, here are some of our favourite old Irish names. 

1. Eistir, meaning star

2. Padraigín, meaning noble

3. Ailín, meaning handsome

4. Caolán, meaning slender

5. Treasa, meaning strong

These are just a few of our favourite Gaelic baby names

6. Beibhinn, meaning fair lady

7. Laoghaire, meaning shepherd

8. Daibhéid, meaning dearly loved

9. Labhaoise, meaning famous warrior

10. Ríoghnach, meaning Queenly

11. Nainsí, meaning 'full of grace'

Old Irish names are as popular as ever and not just in Ireland

12. Éanna, meaning 'bird-like' 

13. Colmán, meaning a little dove

14. Muirne, meaning beloved

15. Dáimhín, meaning little deer

16. Conall, meaning strong wolf

17. Isibéal, meaning consecrated to God

18. Gréagóir, meaning watchful

19. Aodhfin, meaning white fire

With 2018 being Bliain na Gaeilge, do you need a better reason to give your child a Gaelic name?