Join the athletes, high-powered CEOs and busy parents on their quest to get more energy.

Dave Asprey, CEO and founder of Bulletproof Coffee, may have found the answer to satisfy our cravings for extra brainpower and less exhaustion in our busy lives. 

He claims:"When you mix high-quality coffee beans with the right fats, you get an amazing drink that that stomps on hunger and cravings, banishes brain fog and helps you lose weight, build muscle, and increase focus and performance."

Have you tried Bulletproof Coffee?

So what is this mysterious concoction?
Three ingredients is all you need:

  1. Coffee Beans
  2. Grass fed (unsalted) butter 
  3. Brain Octane Oil

Blend the later ingredients into the coffee until it forms a creamy latte consistency. 

Boost your energy levels and brain power with Bulletproof Coffee

And you can add flavour depending on your taste, here's some of the most nutritious...

Turmeric: if you can move past the pretty pungent taste, turmeric is a great source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.

Collagen: It's pretty tasteless but it's great for gut, skin, hair and joint health and contains a full spectrum of amino acids. 

Vanilla: If it's to your taste, it's linked to high performance.

Chocolate Powder: Make it a mocha! It can lift your spirits and protect your skin from sun damage. 

Alter the flavour to suit your taste

But beware...

Not all additions to Bulletproof Coffee are good. Be careful not to rob your coffee its energy-boosting powers. 

Things like honey and maple syrup will mess with your blood sugar and cause an energy dip and midday cravings.

And while coconut oil has lots of calories, it doesn't contain a lot of fat-burning energy. 

Not all coffee is created equal. The wrong coffee will sap your energy, trigger cravings, and leave you feeling tired and irritable.

Lab-tested, mould-free coffee, on the other hand, will give you clean energy without the caffeine crash.

Only use grass-fed butter. Non-grass-fed butter has a different fat composition that doesn’t blend as well or taste as good as grass-fed butter. Grass-fed butter is also higher in essential nutrients that your body and brain crave.

Mould-free coffee, grass-fed cow's butter and brain octane oil 

So how did this new craze come about? 

Dave Asprey got the idea for Bulletproof Coffee on a trek in Tibet in 2004. At 18,000 feet above sea level, Dave's energy was plummeting - until he staggered into a guest house and a local handed him a creamy cup of yak butter tea.

The drink instantly rejuvenated him. He felt a switched had been flipped in his body and brain.

And so he embarked on years of research into why this local staple drink had switched on the lights of focus and energy so instantly. 

Much experiment and research led to some substitutions and the final recipe was perfected;

Mould-free coffee, grass-fed cow's butter and brain octane oil - 3 ingredients that satisfied Dave's need for abundant energy and effortless mental clarity that he felt in need of in Tibet.

For more information on Bulletproof Coffee and to learn how to make your own, click here.