It's 100 years since some Irish women won the right to vote but the latest Twitter trend #ImmodestWomen would suggest that gender equality in academia is still an elusive ideal. 

In response to a decision taken by The Globe and Mail to limit the use of the Dr. title to medical practitioners, Dr. Fern Riddell took to Twitter to express her frustration at not having her PhD qualification acknowledged. 

The backlash with ensued gave rise to the newest twitter trend #immodestwomen, as female academics all over the world have been changing their Twitter handles in solidarity with the historian who holds a PhD in sex and suffrage.

Speaking to UCC PhD candidate Sarah Robinson at last nights Banter event 100 years of #ImmodestWomen she admits that she will be using her Dr. title when she officially completes her research.

Now in her fourth and final year of her PhD she says that before the #ImmodestWomen campaign she wouldn't have used her official title but following the recent Twitter trend she has now changed her mind.

Women in academia are celebrating their successes

Women all over the world have joined in the campaign, with the support of some impressive men...

Dr. Tracy Wharton

Michael Salmon

Dr. Jensen Moore

 Dr. Claire Harrill

 .Dr.  Wendy Beth Hyman

Trisha Lewis