The energy of Dancing with the Stars winners Jake Carter and Karen Byrne was evident right from the start and throughout a number of top scoring weeks. The duo shared their fashion and fitness journey with us.

No one could ignore the fact that Jake’s top was open and then off for much of the series. He even apologised for it in his acceptance speech! Still, we asked him how he enjoyed his costumes or lack thereof!

Jake told us: "From the start of Dancing with the Stars I completely embraced the whole costume side of it and the whole fashion side of it.

"I went with anything that they put me in although as you can see now it wasn’t much, I kinda rolled with it."

The 2018 winner added: "I think my fashion sense has probably improved quite a lot. I didn’t have the best fashion sense, I think Karen would tell you that."

As for Karen: "My style is kind of very simple – I kind of love black. Now seeing as I’m kind of gettingused to the nice bright coloursI think I might start branching out. Simple comfortable and thats its.

Jake added: "She’s always fashionable."

Watch Jake and Karen speak about fashion, fitness and making friends for life in the video above.