Jenny Greene and Nicky Byrne sent Carl Mullan off to re-sit his driving test - find out how he did in the video above.

The driving test. Remember the dread, the fear, and the overthinking of every single move you make as you sit in the driver's seat with a complete stranger beside you? Remember the satisfaction of ripping off those learner plates as soon as you passed? 

Pretty soon the driving test becomes a distant memory and that's where the next bit comes in: bad driving habits. 

Most of us would admit that we have at least a few of them. The moment you pass your driving test is the moment you start to let them creep in. 

Well have you ever wondered to yourself 'if I was to resit my driving test now, would I pass it?'

Carl Mullan, reporter for The Nicky Byrne Show has done just that. Carl originally passed his test six years ago - plenty of time for bad habits to creep into his driving. 

This week Carl travelled to The Irish School Of Motoring's centre in Finglas to resit his test. There he was met by Instructor Seamus Cullen who put him through his paces all over again.

The question is, can he pass the test second time around?