RTÉ, Insight Centre for Data Analytics and Science Foundation Ireland are calling on the public to download a new app called How Are You Ireland?

As part of its ongoing initiative with Science Foundation Ireland, RTÉ is supporting the scientists behind the How Are You Ireland? app by encouraging volunteers to take part.

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The app is part of a major research study being conducted by the Insight Centre For Data Analytics to investigate the feasibility of using smartphone apps to collect health and lifestyle data using a crowd-sourced approach.

The study is being conducted for two reasons:

1. To assess whether using apps on mobile devices is a feasible method of monitoring the health status of the adult population. In other words, the Insight Centre for Data Analytics wish to determine whether mobile devices may be effectively used to gather important information at a population level, thereby providing a valuable tool for future research project design.

2. To understand and compare the self-reported health status results from the wide variety of people taking part in the study within Ireland. As part of this study, you will receive a snapshot of your health and lifestyle patterns (e.g. health related quality of life, stress levels, physical activity levels etc.) compared to other people similar to yourself who have also taken part in this research.

The results of the survey will then feature in an RTÉ two part television programme called "Stressed" presented by writer and Irish Times columnist Jennifer O’Connell and featuring neuroscientist Professor Ian Roberston to be screened later this summer.

Before you decide if you want to take part, you need to fully understand why the research is being done and what it will involve.

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