"I have a very different body shape to every woman in the competition; it's not better or worse," said Dancing with the Stars competitor, Anna Geary.

The Cork woman has led an impressive sporting career which has seen her lift the All-Ireland Cup as Cork captain in 2014 and become the reigning champion of Ireland's Fittest Family in 2016. 

However, this year Anna is taking on a whole new challenge - and it comes with acrylic, glitter, and sequins.

"The acrylics! I have never got acrylic nails done before, I think my boyfriend is afraid that this a high maintenance Anna that's going forward!" she laughed.

The sportswoman has ditched her jersey for a ballgown as she quick steps her way through the competition with pro-dancer Kai Widdrington.

"You have to buy into it, that's ultimately what it's about. It's about embracing everything about it.

"The dancers take so much care of themselves and [when] I knew I was going to be in this costume tonight, I knew I had to make sure the tan was right, the hair was right, the dance was right.

"I think it is about losing your inhibitions and going with it because if you're in it, you have to be all in it," says Anna.

There is no doubt that Dancing with the Stars is a physically trying competition - the celebs have to sign up for hours upon hours of rehearsals - but it can be a mental challenge as well. We wanted to know how a competitor like Anna handles a setback.

"You have to remind yourself sometimes when you're doing something new to not be so hard on yourself because it's about the experience as much as it is the scores," she insisted.

We have spoken to the GAA player in the past about the importance of being a role model to young women - something that Anna hopes continue to do with her weekly performances.

"I'm really passionate about young girls, and women in general, embracing their bodies. I have a very different body shape to every other woman in this competition; it's not better or worse, it's just different."

"I've played sport for 25 years, it's ultimately going to be more athletic and I suppose... what I might look at and see big legs, somebody else might look and say 'oh but you have toned arms and you've core' so I think it's about accepting who you are and going with it and then hoping to God that people like you for it".

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