TIME magazine has named a selection of people who took part in the #MeToo social media movement which aimed to raise awareness about sexual harassment and assault.

While Donald Trump held the title in 2016, this year's cover will highlight  'The Silence Breakers'.

The women featured in the issue include Tarana Burke, Rose McGowan, Sandra Pezueda, Susan Fowler, Taylor Swift, Alyssa Milano and Ashley Judd, to name but a few.

Twitter has reacted to the cover with heartfelt, inspiring and emotional commentary.

13 Reasons Why actress Kate Walsh simply said:

"Yes. #TimePOY"

Charmed actress and #MeToo advocate, Alyssa Milano wrote:

"Being a woman means being powerful and compassionate at the same time Being. We need to support each other. We need to stand together UNITED. We can use our collective voices to empower and create meaningful change for women everywhere. But we all must agree to #BreakTheSilence"

Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor and #MeToo advocate, Terry Crews stood in solidarity alongside his other honorees:

"Honored to stand among these strong, brave individuals to fight for what’s right... and take our lives back."

Creator of the #MeToo movement, Tarana Burke said the work has just begun:

"Thank you EVERYONE!! Especially all of you who rang the alarm when you thought I wasn’t being acknowledged. I couldn’t say anything!! I’m sorry. But I felt every bit of the love. Now the work REALLY begins. #metoo"

Marvel star Mark Ruffalo congratulated the honorees: "Bravo. Thank you for your courage and conviction."

#MeToo advocate, author and actress Rose McGowan hoped to inspire others to speak out.

"I am my person of the year. Are you yours? #BRAVE"

Scandal actress Kerry Washington spoke about her admiration for the women who wish to remain anonymous while breaking their silence.

"Wow. This cover is very inspiring. I’m so especially moved by the presence of the faceless woman who speaks in anonymity. So brave. #MeToo THANK YOU @TIME"

You can read more about the #MeToo Campaign here. 

You can read more about 'The Silence Breakers' issue here.