Today on the Ray D'Arcy Show, Ray was joined in studio by OT expert Karl Henry as Kathryn Thomas made the journey to Mallow, Co. Cork to reveal the third leader of the eleventh series of Operation Transformation.

Karl Henry described Operation Transformation as people's new year's resolution that involves the whole community. On Monday, Karl put the nineteen potentials to the test running a relay race. "It was a massive shock", Karl said of the hopefuls having to run 1KM as part of this assessment. "You want them all to get through".

But today, it was Wayne O'Donnell (29) who was surprised by Kathryn at his place of work, the big blue cube community centre, in Mallow, while up a ladder putting up the Christmas decorations.

Wayne lives at home with his parents, he's never lived away from home before with him mum taking good care of him, cooking for him, washing his clothes and everything in between. 

"I was a chubby child spoiled by my nana," says Wayne.

Sports-mad, last year Wayne broke his elbow playing soccer which required four surgeries to repair, this led to him being out of work for over a year which in turn led to him putting on a lot of weight, he told Ray he got to nineteen stone a couple of weeks ago.

At 29, Wayne has started a new job, and is hoping that Operation Transformation will give him a new life. 

"My girlfriend Jackie was worried about my health, more so than my weight so that was why I kinda applied really, you know," he explained.

Karl Henry told Ray that he'll be heading home this evening to work on his plan, "there's lots to do".

With two more leaders to be announced, Kathryn will be back on the road on Monday.

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