Today on the Ray D'Arcy Show, Kathryn Thomas surprised Sarah O'Callaghan at her home in Ballinagh, Co. Cavan. Joining Ray in studio this afternoon was OT expert, Dr Eddie Murphy.

Speaking from up the road before the reveal, Kathryn told Ray, 'This leader impressed absolutely everybody'.

Sarah (27), found out she had breast cancer when she returned from her honeymoon in May 2015, and since her diagnosis she has put on a lot of weight eating takeaways, 'self soothing', as Dr. Eddie put it to Ray.

An emotional Sarah told Ray about making it through her cancer battle with her new husband Gary, she applied for Operation Transformation because she found herself in a rut. Speaking to Ray on the phone from her home in Ballinagh, Sarah said: "I never thought in a million years you'd be here Kathryn."

"I'm so happy Ray, it's definitely a dream come true for me,"she continued.

Sarah spoke to Ray on Monday where she told him that she put on a stone in the two weeks following her diagnosis. Today she told Ray that food was giving her comfort: "what no one else could give me, food gave me".

Kathryn Thomas and Sarah O'Callaghan
Kathryn Thomas and Sarah O'Callaghan

Once given a clean bill of health, our newest leader said she thought she'd have been able to stop eating but unfortunately, that didn't happen. 

Dr Eddie told Ray that during the series, they will be looking at Sarah's confidence, her body image and her self-esteem. "Sarah's brilliant, she comes from such a supportive family and has a great relationship with her dad," he explained.

Listen to the full interview on The Ray D'Arcy Show here:

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