In what she describes as her best year, radio star Lottie Ryan chats to Janice Butler about her beautiful Italian wedding, her big move to breakfast radio and being happy in this week's RTÉ Guide. We've got a sneak preview of the interview below.

Here Lottie describes her wedding day without dad, Gerry:

It was a bittersweet day and she admits that her father Gerry, who died in 2010, was hugely missed but his presence was very much felt, giving the couple a helping hand with the weather. 

"Obviously it’s emotional but not in a negative way," she says. "He would have been outrageously happy and he would have loved the day that we planned and loved every second of it.

"It lashed rain the two days before the wedding and when I woke up on the morning of, it was the hottest day of the year.

"I was like ‘Thank God, you have to be useful for something up there,’" she laughs. "There was no negative thinking, he was definitely there in whatever capacity it was."

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