Broadcaster Rick O'Shea has started a brand new radio show on RTÉ Gold after 16 years on 2fm.

He talks about the move, how he manages his work/life balance and his all-time favourite interviewees in this weeks The LifeStyle Show.

"The news which is big enough in my world but small enough in general world terms is just that I'm moving jobs in RTÉ", the presenter told Taragh Loughrey-Grant.

"I've been here since 2001, I've been with RTÉ 2fm since since 2001 and starting on November 6th I'm going to be presenting on RTÉ Gold.

"It's a first for me and its a first for Gold because Will Leahy will be doing the breakfast show everyday and I'm going to be doing 3 to 6pm every afternoon.

"They are the first live five-day-a-week shows that Gold has ever had. So its new for them and its new for us as well."

If you've never heard of the station, Rick sums it up: "Gold is the Greatest music.

"If you start somewhere around 1960, although I will be squeezing in some 1950's songs and you go all the way up to around 2005 or 2006 and you pick every brilliant song that exists between those two goal posts, that's what we do.

" not a new thing either, the number of conversations I've had with people going: 'Oh when is that starting up?' And you go: 'No, its been there for 9 years now and its just that Gold has been there for a long time, ever since RTÉ started doing the digital radio project, part of which is Radio 1 Extra, 2XM and Pulse and its always been there.

"There's always been some programming across evenings and weekends and its just now the point has come to kind of push it forward and to move it on to the next level and...give it some live radio shows every day because that's kind of what we do around here."

"It's really successful if you look at the number of streams of people listening online - you can't measure the amount of people who are listening on digital radio.

"Tonnes of people have them in their houses all across the country but in terms of online listening, it's huge.

"For the first while anyway, Gold isn't going to have any ads, so if you're listening to my show everyday between 3 and 6pm, you're not going to hear news, you're not going to hear sport or traffic." A continual stream of good music? Sounds good to us.

Listen to the full interview on The LifeStyle Show above where Rick talks about family life, how he tries to nail work/life balance, his all-time favourite interviews and the lifestyle changes that led to a three-stone weight loss and helped with his back issues.

Rick O'Shea in the Afternoon, Gold, weekdays 3 to 6pm.