Naturalist and broadcaster Chris Packham is set to present a new one off programme on BBC2 called Chris Packham: Asperger’s And Me.

The BBC presenter told Radio Times magazine that he hopes the documentary will show that "Asperger’s is something other than a total handicap."

At 56 years of age, Chris lives has a successful career, a long-term partner in Charlotte Corney and a pet dog called "Scratchy". However, life on the spectrum can make life difficult, especially when it comes to social situations and relationships. 

Now, as scientific advances work towards treating the condition, Chris travels to America to observe the therapies that could possibly remove certain autistic traits. Speaking on the idea of curing Aspergers, Chris said that he would like to see young people in happier situations:

"And of course I want it to help younger people with Asperger’s, who become inordinately depressed and sadly often suicidal.

"They’re incredibly creative with enormously interesting mindsets, locked away in a bedroom on their own, lonely kids in a very bad place."

Things aren't clear cut though as Chris himself enjoys many of the qualities he has gained due to being on the autistic spectrum. "There’s a tremendous amount I like about having Asperger’s," he said.

"I can remember things. You don’t want to play me at Trivial Pursuit. It’s just retentive memory, not intelligence, but if I’ve read it, I can regurgitate it."

So, if Asperger's could be 'cured', would Chris want the treatment?

"If there were a cure for Asperger’s, I don’t know if I’d want it.

"Humanity has prospered because of people with autistic traits. Without them, we wouldn’t have put man on the moon or be running software programs.

"If we wiped out all the autistic people on the planet, I don’t know how much longer the human race would last."