A new study has found that your handbag could be hosting up to 10,000 types of bacteria. To put that into perspective, your expensive arm decoration is dirtier than your average toilet seat.

According to the experts at Good Housekeeping:

"Few of us have time to clean everything we should every week but ignore these everyday items at your peril." 

When you think about it, your handbag goes everywhere that you do but we rarely - if ever - think to give it a good clean.

In fact, we fill it with dirty tissues, chocolate bar wrappers, hair bobbins, make-up brushes, toiletries, books, earphones...

Woman walking on the street and searching in a bag
Remember when Mary Poppins pulled a full-length lamp out of her bag? It's kind of like that.

While we often think of kitchen counters, toilet seats and other areas of our home as "dirty", we are constantly wiping them down and giving them a good scrubbing.

The University of Colorado Boulder published a study that revealed that more than 4,700 different bacteria species were found across 102 human hands with only five species shared among all 51 participants.

Not only that but women have more diverse hand bacteria than men.

Roxanna Pelka, who is the partner manager of online cleaning company Helpling, referenced this report when she said:

"Our hands touch everything and certainly all the things you have inside of your handbag, also contaminating it"

women bag stuff
According to the experts at Good Housekeeping, your handbag is dirtier than a toilet.

If you feel thoroughly grossed out after reading this, go ahead and give your bag a good clear out.

  1. Empty everything out of your bag.
  2. Throw out the rubbish and wipe down anything that's going back in. 
  3. Pull the fabric lining out and wipe it down with a damp cloth and anti-bac wipes.
  4. Give the outside and bottom of the bag a good once over.
  5. Try not to put your bag down on bathroom floors or the ground.