Last night, things got heated on The Great British Bake Off as the contestants were faced with bread week. Their challenge included a batch of tea cakes, a cottage loaf, and a show stopping number.

Olivia Grace tweeted: "Joe: 'so it's just bread??' Me: ' ITS BREAD WEEK YOU FOOL. Not JUST bread' #GBBO"

Who rose to the occasion?
Finally, Steven's winning streak was brought to an end as Russian born Julia Chernogorova became Star Baker.

The twenty-one-year-old is in it to win it and even left her job as an Aviation broker so she could fully commit to the competition. 

"As soon as I heard, I quit my job. I was working as a broker organising and finding private jets for clients. I knew I had to leave, as I knew I would not be focused 100 per cent anymore," she explained.

Julia Chernogorova
Star Baker Julia Chernogorova

Who crumbled under pressure?
Last night we waved farewell to the lovely Flo. The seventy-one-year-old was GBBO's oldest ever amateur baker.

Flo has worked with food all her life and worked in a sausage factory from the age of twenty-one. She always loved to bake for her three young children and enjoys helping her son with his restaurant.

Sadly, the Liverpool lady lost her husband two years ago which prompted her son Stephen to encourage his mum to get baking to help her deal with the grief. 

Farewell Flo

We have lost our first female baker and a real fav favourite:

"Everything makes me nervous" Flo, securing her place as the millennial favourite #GBBO"

"Happy to have made it home in time for The Great Flo Show #gbbo"

"Flo, Yan and Noel living in a houseshare together is the sitcom I never knew I wanted #GBBO #GBBO2017"

"Myself and @carinagillespie are in bits saying goodbye to our favourite baker tonight #GBBO2017"

Audience reaction
There was a bit of confusion as to what constitutes a teacake on last night's episode. 

Apparently, traditional English teacake is a made of fruit while Scottish baker Tom thought it referred to chocolate and marshmallow cakes.

GBBO judges speaking with Tom

Fans of the show were quick to weigh in on the topic:

"I'm so glad Tom admitted his definition of a teacake is a chocolate covered mallow biscuit bc that's exactly where my mind went too #GBBO"

Teacakes are made of chocolate and marshmallow and made by Tunnocks and I won't hear any different from you lot south of the wall #gbbo

"Are you trying to start a civil war? This is a bloody teacake #GBBO #teacake #yorkshire"

"This is a teacake to me mate #GBBO"

Julia Chernogorova
Julia Chernogorova

However, it well and truly was Julia's snail that stole the show...

"The tale of the Bake Off snail. #BreadWeek #GBBO"

"i'm sorry but omg Julia's snail has killed me off #GBBO"

"#GBBO Julias snail was good and obviously tasted good,but think it won cause of the fun of it,even had Paul crying laughing at the shape lol"

"So uhhh guys. Can we agree this looks like something OTHER than a snail? #GBB0 #GBBO2017"

Mary Berry
Mary Berry says GBBO is "going to be brilliant"

Mary Berry
While no one could ever replace the original GBBO team in our hearts, it looks like new judges Noel Fielding, Prue Leith and Sandi Toksvig are winning the audience over.

Loving Noel and Sandi. Really enjoying the new #GBBO, and I'm pleased Paul Hollywood stuck with it.

"I take back everything I said about boycotting Bake Off. Who knew Noel was everything we ever needed #GBBO2017"

"Watched #gbbo late last night and I have to say I much prefer the new presenters. Noel and Sandi are less 'look at us making puns'"

Most importantly, Mary Berry herself has given the show a thumbs up. She told HuffPost UK that:

"It’s followed the same format, and it’s going to be brilliant."

As for this year's competitors? Mary says they've probably done their research.

"Remember, they’ve watched, I would think, seven series, most of them. So they’re bound to have upped their game and practiced like mad. That’s how they got there."