There are few things more amusing than getting an outsider's take on your local language. Be it the urban legend of a foreign language student thinking 'Penneys' meant 'thank you' or confusion over our excessive apologies, visitors offer hilarious insight 

Korean blogger Billy Kong, more commonly known online as Korean Billy, travels the world imitating various accents and cultural idiosyncrasies. It starts off a bit slow but gets better the more you watch!

Billy has 64k followers on YouTube and among his other videos include a great one for Game of Thrones fans, covering the Dothraki dialect, he covers British tube station names and the Aberdeen accent.

While some of his acting skills are questionable at best (something he acknowledges himself - my Korean is a bit rusty too) and though he relies heavily on Irish stereotypes (is our supposed national alcoholism really that funny?), his ability to pick up on our manner of speaking is spot on. 

What's more, despite being a proud Dub I found myself adding 'Lee Marvin' to my own Dublinese vocab, not to mention experiencing an immediate craving for a 'package o crips'. (Tayto or King though Billy? That's the real question.) 

The video also gave me a greater appreciation for the valiant efforts made by non-English speakers in the capital on a daily basis and my Ecuadorian friend's wariness after I told her we were going out for a bit of "craic". 

The video is reminiscent of comedy troop Foil, Arms and Hog's hilarious depiction of the Dublin dialect - Dublish.

Could it be time for a collaboration of international proportions based on a shared love of Dublinese? We'll leave that up to Billy and the lads to decide.